Spring is in the Air

April 13, 2016/Events, Public Event /No Comments

Spring is in the air

The blossoms have already come and gone in California and they have yet to appear in New York, but based on my inbox, voicemail and travel schedule there is no denying spring is here.

Spring events season came early this year with the launch of the Accenture Liquid Applications Studio in Redwood City in March, immediately followed by The Future of Learning and Working conference in LA. But, for the Little Bird team those were just the warm up.

In the next two weeks we will produce seventeen events for the Tribeca Film Festival. As a write this, I am at 35,000 feet in route to NYC with a litany of event plans, budgets and film talent schedules in front of me. It’s an exciting two weeks for us but also exhausting and we cannot afford to be anything but buttoned up when it comes to our run of shows and team movements.   Our cloud-based planning software, Planning Pod, is a crucial part of this organization so that we can all see at any given moment where a particular event stands and what elements we’re still waiting to finalize. I thank Planning Pod daily for putting an end to the monotonous spreadsheets that used to rule our planning process.

However, despite all the virtues of Planning Pod, we still need hands and lots of them to execute seventeen events in eleven days.   It would be an impossible feat without my amazing partner in crime, Brianne. With nearly 30 years of planning experience between Brianne and I, there are few bumps in the road that surprise us, but at the end of the day we’re still only two people. So, on the nights we have four events running concurrently, the incredible fulltime and seasonal Festival staff are there to provide the necessary support and we’re forever grateful for them.

We know we’re not alone in the spring event madness and want to wish all our comrades calm seas and smooth sailing through the next seven weeks. Remember, lazy summer days are just around the bend…at least until fall event planning commences!

Follow Little Bird on the TFF 2016 journey and share in some of our favorite Festival moments on Twitter @Little_BirdCo and Instagram @littlebirdeventsco


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